Ana Rita Soares
Founder & Art Director

"Spaces are our canvas"

Founded in 2006 by Ana Rita Soares, the Atelier is a nationally and internationally recognized Interior Design and Architecture company. We provide a full service focused on bringing unique art, style, and comfort to residential, commercial, and hotel spaces. The professionalism you will find at Atelier ARS - ID is a perfect fit for anyone looking for a dynamic, pragmatic, reliable team that knows how to listen to the guidelines provided.

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About our Methodology

Our interior design services include the development of interior design projects for private homes, commercial spaces and hotels. they are fully-fledged projects, from the initial layout study, on to the choice of materials, colors, furniture, fabrics or lighting, marked by a differentiated look, innovation and attention to every single detail

3D virtual tours to render the environment

It is very important for our interior design company to show the project’s main ideas, concepts and moods in a way our Clients can visualize, by creating an interactive virtual environment of the interior design.

Click and drag the image for 3D experience.

ARS-ID Research & Collaborations

Research & Collaboration

Researching and choosing materials, furniture, colours, and bringing the main concept to life is what our team works towards every day. We have a practice of collaborating with different artists and designers, not only to complement the final quality of the project, but also to provide a unique style and design.

Bringing the concept to life

Our expertise allows us to work with 3D tools that can easily enhance our Client's ability to see beyond the concept and into the future real-life project. We can make this happen thanks to our rigorous work methodology that enables the end result to meet all concept requirements.

Liberdade Foto Photo
Liberdade Render 3D render



In 2013, Ana Rita Soares responded to yet another challenge, this time proposed by the publisher Nexo, and produced a decoration book, with practical and easy-to-implement tips and concepts, allowing to transform the house into a more functional, creative, and personalized space capable of reflecting the heart and soul of those who live there.

Each chapter deals with a division of the house, covering several themes, from the choice of colors to furniture arrangement, to lighting, fabrics, decorative pieces, etc., illustrated with numerous images of projects from the Atelier's portfolio.

ARS Book cover web

The author presents the information in a clear, well-structured way and with examples. This allows even someone with little knowledge in the field to put their advice to use. I recommend!!

Andrea F de Carvalho


More focused on decoration and the usefulness of the pieces and their location. How to create a large space in a small space?!. The answer is here! Congratulations to the author.

Laura Oliveira


With this work, Ana Rita makes available to all her knowledge and knowledge in the area of interior design, so that each reader has the opportunity to transform, by themselves, every space in their home. Work not to be missed!

Ana Lé de Matos

Our Philosophy


Quality materials, brands and collaborations

We work with the top brands, be it in materials, furniture or signed design products, which are important to achieve the quality level all our projects strive for. We also have a network of collaborators, from sculptors and painters to graphic and equipment designers that add those special details and an extra level of diligence to our projects.

Rita Nobre
COO – Operations Director
Ana Rita Soares
CEO – Executive Director
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Expertise and commitment

Our team is composed by experts in many crucial areas of Interior Design, from production management to industrial design and materials consultants, in order to deliver a bespoke quality project. We manage all the working and construction process to guarantee to our clients a smooth and happy experience with ARS.