In 2013, Ana Rita Soares responded to yet another challenge, this time proposed by the publisher Nexo, and produced a decoration book, with practical and easy-to-implement tips and concepts, allowing to transform the house into a more functional, creative, and personalized space capable of reflecting the heart and soul of those who live there.

Each chapter deals with a division of the house, covering several themes, from the choice of colors to furniture arrangement, to lighting, fabrics, decorative pieces, etc., illustrated with numerous images of projects from the Atelier's portfolio.

ARS Book cover web

The author presents the information in a clear, well-structured way and with examples. This allows even someone with little knowledge in the field to put their advice to use. I recommend!!

Andrea F de Carvalho


More focused on decoration and the usefulness of the pieces and their location. How to create a large space in a small space?!. The answer is here! Congratulations to the author.

Laura Oliveira


With this work, Ana Rita makes available to all her knowledge and knowledge in the area of interior design, so that each reader has the opportunity to transform, by themselves, every space in their home. Work not to be missed!

Ana Lé de Matos