FAQ - General Information

Based on the client's necessities and aspirations, an Interior Designer develops residential and/or commercial projects, ponding aspects such as functionality, safety, comfort aesthetic of spaces.

Their work entitles environmental planning and includes everything from the choice of the color palette to project execution.

An Interior Architect performs an architectural analysis on the existing project, offering suggestions that are considered beneficial for a better flow and use of the space, such as lighting and electrical adaptations, false ceiling, etc. Choosing coating and finishing materials, and design of static elements, such as: wardrobes, shelves, etc.

An Interior Designer has an academic background, and while planning the spaces, they pay attention to various norms and techniques regarding work execution. They aim to achieve goals, functionalities, and aesthetic aspects based on the client's briefing and with the knowledge of an expert professional team of excellence. A decorator's primary focus is aesthetics and trends, in a more intuitive and less technical way.

An Atelier ARS-ID interior design project's stages are the following:  An interview with the client; Fee proposal submission; Project development; Approval of the space design proposal; Supply budget and respective approval; Execution and assembly of the work.

After the design project is approved, it moves on to a supply budgeting phase, and after its approval, the project execution phase begins, that is, purchases and works.

An Interior Designer is a professional who has all the necessary knowledge to figure the most suitable solutions regarding producing a functional, comfortable, safe, aesthetically pleasing, and welcoming environment. A Designer can make a notable difference by simply renovating or organizing the space.

The client's well-fair and comfort are fundamental aspects that concern the Atelier ARS-ID. As a result, we own the necessary resources and technical experience to design the best project possible and most suitable regarding the client's expectations.

Another aspect worth mention is the Atelier's services and supplied products warranty. In addition to previous information, it is essential to emphasize that Designers grasp the technical language of Architects, Contractors, and Engineers and, therefore, pass on information in a more optimized manner.

The span of a meeting always relies on how much prepping both parties have done. The gathering will be purposeful if clients already know what they crave most, their constraints, and how much they wish to invest. Regarding the Interior Designer professional, being as experienced as the Atelier ARS-ID, they will know what to ask precisely, which will shorten the time spent and ease the process.

Usually, it tops out at one modification throughout the whole project, but it is always conditional towards the initial agreement made with the Designer or Atelier that provides the service. Nevertheless, when professionals interview the client thoroughly, they can gather crucial information about the client's likes and dislikes and room purposes, which will lead to an assertive project, as it is common practice in our Atelier ARS-ID.