FAQ - What the Customer needs to know

Every time you have a new property (for personal or third-party usage), you should hire an Interior Designer to get the best out of your new investment. Another pivotal moment to choose this professional is before a property acquisition, whether for remodeling or space reorganization.

An Interior Architect can have an impact when you buy a property in the pre-construction stage, by helping you to customize the interior space, making it more suitable for what you want. It is up to this professional to find the best solutions in terms of function, choose proper materials, and monitor construction work to be carried out.

First and foremost, clients should check the Interior Designer's previous works and understand if these projects meet their style. 

Next, if the client can relate to the Interior Designer's style and creates an empathetic connection with the professional, thus a project will prosper. It is observed that a company awarded nationally and internationally, with many years in the market, is an additional guarantee for the client that they will have a project tailored to their needs with an excellent final result.

Before getting in touch with an Interior Designer, it is decisive to be clear about what you aspire to do and what amount of money you want to invest. When coming into contact with the Atelier Ana Rita Soares, you must have a clear plan about: which rooms you need us to intervene in, your goals, what purpose you wish to confer each space, and which pieces of furniture or decoration you want to reuse. Look for inspirational images to show the Designer and explain what you prize most. Finally, set the value you have available for the project.

The client's whole involvement throughout an Interior Design project should be from primary interviews until budget approval. During the execution stage, it is no longer necessary the client's presence. Exceptions concerning any doubts or uncommon questions on the part of the team may require further client-designer communication. The Atelier is in charge and is responsible for all executions, deliveries and assemblies on the spot.