FAQ - About Budget

When potential clients request a budget for a project at Atelier Ana Rita Soares, we need them to provide information about: floor plans, property or room photos. 

We also need to understand if clients are open to intervention in terms of total interior architecture or partial (if any). Furthermore, we require an indication of whether they want everything new or to reuse some pieces of furniture and Art pieces. Finally, clients must provide their indicative budget (the amount they intend to invest).

After collecting all information written above, and if there is an opening in our schedule, we will conduct with clients a primary interview and present a project fees proposal. If there is an interest in proceeding with the project on its whole, we will start it.

The client must provide an indicative budget to ease the process and make the Design project more efficient. Creative freedom connects intrinsically with the client's power for investment since it dictates the choice of materials and their quality throughout the project.

The budget provided by the Atelier Ana Rita Soares is free of charge. However, we will present it only if we have an opening in our schedule to insert the project, and if every information is provided by the client.

The Atelier ARS-ID does not work with set values since each project is unique. Budgeting prices vary due to project size (property dimensions), location and the client's goals.

A project fees proposal is presented, on average, within seven days after the client delivers all information asked by the Atelier ARS-ID. An integral Interior Design project budget relies on property dimensions and location.

The client should approve a project or budget as soon as possible because the Atelier usually has a plan and a schedule to follow. We advise you not to exceed the deadline of one week since, in some cases, it is not possible to ensure price, delivery, or even the time execution, which ends up delaying the final delivery.