FAQ - The Atelier ARS-ID

The Atelier Ana Rita Soares takes on integral Design and/or Interior Architecture projects - from conception to execution and final delivery.

Yes, the Atelier Ana Rita Soares only performs a project if it runs from start to finish because that is the only way we warranty our projects' quality. The warranty covers the services and products provided, complying with the indicative deadlines and budgets.

The Atelier ARS-ID has the ability and power to tackle different projects’ sizes.

The Atelier ARS-ID's most relevant projects are on our website - www.anaritasoares.com - also, on the Atelier's social networks (references are on the website) and in magazines such as Lux Deco, Urbana, Mobiliário em Notícia, Anteprojectos, and so on. Additionally, the Atelier provides an institutional brochure containing the most recent and awarded works to the client.

In Portugal, the Atelier develops projects in Lisbon, Setúbal, Coimbra, Porto, Viseu, Braga, Guimarães, different cities in Alentejo such as Monsaraz, Montemor-o-Novo and Arraiolos, and Portuguese islands. In reality, from the North of the country to the South. We developed projects abroad in London, the USA, and Angola. All work carried out abroad by the Atelier is in person.

The Atelier ARS offers the following services:

  • Technical drawings and detailed plans of the property or divisions to be intervened;
  • Selection of coatings and finishes, both in Architecture and Interior Design;
  • Monitoring from the conceptual and creative phase to execution and delivery;
  • Selection, design, production, budget, and purchasing of furniture and decorative objects;
  • Art consulting;
  • 3D design of the Interior Designer and Architecture project;
  • 360º virtual tour (optional).

Ergonomic, sustainability, and environmental impact are notions that constantly reside in every project done by the Atelier. The Atelier designers favor choosing recyclable or renewable materials and objects that are more energy efficient.

All employees of Atelier Ana Rita Soares have university degrees in Architecture, Design and/or Interior Architecture.

The Atelier works with professionals trained in the design field and is deeply committed to its clients. The Atelier does not affiliate with any specific brand, and our goal is to provide the best service. Therefore, the choices made by us are unbiased.

By contracting the Atelier services, the client has the assurance to find qualified and empathetic professionals able to listen and seek the best solutions for their space. We guide, mediate and teach our customers, if suitable, to empower them to make the best choices to achieve a safe, functional, and aesthetically exquisite space. Finally, the Atelier creates tailored designs to the customer's desire, but with the technical knowledge and professionalism necessary to obtain the best final result.