FAQ - Project Execution

By hiring the Atelier Ana Rita Soares services, you are employing a full service with all suppliers selected by us. This process promotes the most favorable results, maintaining the quality warranty of products and the services granted by the company.

An interior design project execution has an indicative span, provided by the Executive Project Director, and we report this period to the client during the process. Nevertheless, the Atelier always relies on third-party suppliers' delivery time and the availability of the assembly team. Delivery rates are determined at the time the materials’ orders are placed.

After approval of the supply budget, it is the company's responsibility to purchase, deliver, assemble and assure everything included therein. Next, the Atelier presents the final invoice.

Some stores and products work only with professionals. Through the Atelier, the customer has access to stores, brands, and products (national or international) whose existence is sometimes unknown to the client. However, some stores sell both to the final customer and professionals, though most items are not exclusive.

Yes, all clients are free to buy the items they want. Nevertheless, when you hire a professional, the proper attitude is to discuss the matter first with the professional to understand if the piece in question is suitable for the project or how to include it.